Visual identity

Create a strong brand that demands attention

How we can help you

Our brand consultancy has years of experience developing memorable and successful brands, we can help you to revolutionise your brand and make it more reflective of your business goals. Whether you are a startup, established business or global brand, our full-service rebranding program will accelerate your business's growth and give you the tools and resources you need to succeed. Our program is designed for maximum impact and takes four months to one year to complete. Our team offers personalised training for your internal marketing team to ensure your new visual identity’s success.

What does a visual identity involve?

Our strategists and designers work collaboratively with you to bring your brand personality, tone of voice, company name and proposition to life. Developing a creative and engaging visual identity that captures your audience's attention. We create an impactful logo, and typography, and develop a unique colour palette to represent your brand. Plus, we will provide you with comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure your marketing agency or internal marketing manager can create content that is true to your brand.

The Results

Grow your audience with ideal customers

Attract the perfect customers that align with your brand's purpose and positioning. They will increase your chances of selling your product or service and be willing to pay a premium, ensuring a loyal and long-term relationship.

Outshine the competition

Forge ahead of the competition, taking your brand to the next level and showing your customers and employees why your brand is the best. You instantly set yourself apart from the competition by clearly defining your unique competitive advantage and making a lasting impression.

Close sales faster and more effectively

Strengthening your brand identity will ensure you stand out from the competition with a memorable visual style and powerful story. It will be the driving force that unifies your brand, and instils trust enabling a smoother sales process and attracting more qualified new business leads.

Attract and retain the best talent

Building a strong brand showcases your values and purpose. It enables you to bring in the best people who genuinely connect with your brand values and reason for being. With a memorable employer brand, you can build a lasting legacy for your business and unlock its full potential.

Higher return on investment

Rebranding is a powerful way to transform the value of your products and services in customers' eyes and increase your prices. Studies have proven that well-branded products yield a higher return on investment, greater equity, and can command a premium price.

Maximise the value of your business

Effective branding transforms your business and makes a lasting impression. Not only do you benefit from increased brand loyalty and customer engagement, but you'll also leave a lasting mark on potential investors and buyers and maximise your brand's value.

Reduce costs and save time

By undergoing a branding project, your marketing efforts become a cohesive force, ensuring your brand stands out. And, with style guides and templates, you can save time and energy spent on brand design.

When is the right to create your visual identity?

If you're a start-up or small business, the best time to get your branding to develop your visual identity is now. For established businesses, it's time to refresh your visual identity if it doesn’t reflect your vision for the brand or if you have been through mergers, business strategy shifts, or are no longer competitive in the market.

What is included

+ Logo design
+ Colour palette
+ Typography and fonts
+ Image style: photography, illustration, pattern, iconography
+ Graphic design
+ Brand guidelines
+ Accessibility guidance
+ Application rollout e.g. website design, social media marketing, templates

You couldn't ask for a better branding agency than that of Studio Noel. Simply unbeatable levels of service, creativity, patience, and thoughtfulness to achieve a website and rebrand that has catapulted the business forward and has directly impacted our success. We cannot recommend Studio Noel enough; the attentiveness and personable professionalism that they bring is like we are working with our own in-house design agency.

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