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Build a strong foundation for your brand

How we can help you

Investing in a well-crafted brand proposition is crucial for driving the growth of your business and furthering your success. As a strategy and branding agency, we put brand experience at the heart, leading on your purpose and addressing your customer’s pain points to craft a unique and memorable proposition. It guides all decisions afterwards- from creating innovative products to making design choices for upcoming social media campaigns and advertisements. Our process takes four to twelve weeks to develop your proposition and up to one year for a complete brand transformation programme, including audit, rebranding, website design and development and the necessary templates and training for your team.

What does developing a brand proposition involve?

Developing a new brand proposition uses our pre-defined and proven process including a benchmark audit, stakeholder interviews and workshops with our strategists and your team. We define your purpose - your why, vision, brand values, and personality to create your unique proposition to deliver results.

The Results

Increase company value

Investing in the foundations of your brand can be highly beneficial, with positive effects on customer behaviour and brand perception, as well as increasing financial returns. It can also be an invaluable asset for selling your business and attracting investors.

Command a premium price

By clearly defining your brand proposition, you can differentiate yourself from your competition and create a lasting impression with customers, helping you to command a premium price and secure a steady flow of returning clients.

Build customers loyalty

By defining what your brand stands for, you establish a powerful network of associations in customers' minds and form an emotional connection. By reinforcing this messaging in your brand identity and marketing campaigns, your company name comes to mind when purchasing products or services.

Improve employee satisfaction

An effective brand proposition doesn't just share what the company has to offer but also speaks to the core values and mission. When employees are crystal clear on this, they'll be motivated to work towards achieving the company's objectives. After all, people are likelier to stay with a company that aligns with their purpose.

Stand out from the competition

Competition is more fierce than ever, your brand proposition ensures you stand out and captures the attention of your target audience. Creating a good brand strategy can supercharge your business growth and ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Minimise sales and marketing costs

Building solid foundations with a brand proposition will secure your brand’s future success. It ensures your sales and marketing strategies have a clear focus, and you can be sure your investments are going to the right places. With a reliable foundation, your marketing agency can create genuinely memorable on-brand material that makes an impact.

Brand consistency

When a clearly defined core purpose drives your brand, it ensures that everything from your messaging and graphic design to your digital marketing and social media aligns with that purpose and becomes more consistent. It's the key to developing a genuinely consistent and powerful brand identity.

Increase your lead conversions

With core purpose shining through across all touchpoints and a strong tone of voice, you can easily and quickly increase lead generation, make an impact, and connect with your target audience to drive new business growth.

When is the right time?

The perfect time to look at your brand proposition is now. Studies show that nearly 70% of companies that underwent a brand refresh project experienced increased customer loyalty and overall brand value. As a Startup, you can benefit from this too. If you face tough competition, have undergone a merger and acquisition, or no longer reflect your business aspirations, now is the time to examine your proposition. By looking at your brand proposition, you can create a strategy to stand out from the competition, build a strong customer base, and even increase your bottom line.

What is included

+ Brand strategy
+ Brand positioning
+ Value proposition
+ Brand values
+ Messaging
+ Target audience personas

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