Branding for eyewear with an ethical agenda

Chakshu’s goal is to be able to give everyone the right to sight, which is why with each pair of glasses they sell, Chakshu will donate a percentage of the profits to Vision Care for Homeless People.

We were delighted to help Chakshu in achieving this goal by working with them on their branding design, producing a new logo for the company.

Vision Care for Homeless People is a UK charity that works to provide eye health care to homeless and vulnerable people who are unable to access mainstream eye health services through the NHS.

Our branding design put focus on the meaning of the Sanskrit word Chakshu: vision, being able to see things as they are, and to plan for the future with wisdom. As such, we created a clean and simple symbol logo that emulated the shape of eyeglasses and lenses, and the overall branding we created featured bold but simple typefaces for a classic, dependable look.


Chakshu’s new brand logo

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