Revealing an innovative designer at work

As one of the world’s leading voices on innovative planting design, Nigel Dunnett’s work has impressed visitors to the London 2012 Olympic Park, the Chelsea Flower Show, and many UK parks and public spaces. We were commissioned by Filbert Press to design Nigel’s book, ‘Naturalistic Planting Design’.

Publishing: Design

Celebrating a unique approach

The author’s distinctive planting style celebrates the spirit of nature, in a way that’s not only beautiful but also sustainable and ecologically rich. Our book design taps into the juxtapositions between his style and the environments in which he works. We carefully chose our typography to add meaning, for instance picking a font that echoes the Barbican’s Brutalist architecture, thus providing a stark contrast with the naturalistic garden design Nigel has applied to the arts centre.

Adding pace and punctuation

To vary the pace of the book and provide breathing space, we pulled out each case study, using purple backgrounds for contrast and creating illustrated plans and diagrams to reveal the most important details of his work.

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