Creating an identity for a sustainable luxury property

Ancona is a super high-end three-storey house created with sustainable principles by developers EcoMansion. Featuring a stunning contemporary design partially built into the landscape, it boasts coastal vistas and a golf course on the doorstep. Working alongside architectural CGI studio Recent Spaces, we were commissioned to design the identity and brochure for this unique property.

Publishing: Branding + Print

Fusing luxury with sustainability

Our designs echo the luxurious interiors that distinguish Ancona. Finding inspiration in the house’s interior materials, we used marbled white paper to reflect the kitchen and bathroom tiling, plus copper foiled type and staples to highlight the finishes. The property’s simple logo is inspired by the circular fixtures and fittings throughout the building.

Capturing the essence of every room

Each element of the brochure brings to life the unique style and exceptional high quality of EcoMansion’s luxurious yet sustainable ethos. High quality photography and pared-back design evoke the interior feel, while well-crafted copy aims to evoke each room’s atmosphere and describe the unique lifestyle on offer at Ancona.

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