Getting face-to-face with type

Last night the team went to the Typographic Circle event to listen to Scott Lambert talk about his new book, The Typefaces. Inspired by the letterpress printing process, the event was a playful exhibition and talk, featuring Scott’s book and posters that all found faces hidden within type.

The exhibition pushed everyone to see familiar things (in this case, the letters of the alphabet) in unusual ways. Just adding some eyes and even an expressive smile to a letter can transform it into a fun, quirky character you may never have known was there.

The Typefaces by Scott Lambert exhibition

The Typefaces book has gone on to win a number of design awards and the book does a lot more than just use negative space in witty ways: it’s also a great way to help children to learn the alphabet! Plus, each letter comes with its own rhyme about the face hidden in the letters.


This TypoCircle private view in Foyle’s own Gallery, celebrated type design and simple, colourful creativity that really put a smile on our faces. During the event we got stuck in and made our own faces from letter stamps, using the characteristic bright colours and textured stamps that make all of Scott’s prints unique.

Type faces made at the exhibition

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