The Cookbooks Inspiring Our 2020 Menu: from Veganuary and Beyond

We’ve worked on a lot of cookbook designs over the years, featuring hangover curing dishes and botanical bitters to ice cream treats and plant-based goodness, and we’ve loved every one. As Veganuary is once again upon us, what better time to look through our library and discover some new inspiration for 2020’s breakfasts, lunches and dinners?

The World at Your Table

After a recent trip travelling around India, we’ve been feeling inspired. Fresh India by Meera Sodha has been livening up our kitchen for a long time, packed full of quick and flavourful vegetarian recipes that remind us of our wonderful Indian adventures. Not only is it a feast of fantastic recipes, Fresh India also boasts beautiful cookbook design with vintage illustrations and rich colours.


No Fuss in No Time

Of course, we had to include a book that we’ve loved designing and illustrating. Yasmin Fahr’s Keeping It Simple takes the stress out of weekday meals by providing a host of quick recipes that not only make cooking a breeze, but cuts down the washing up too. Every dish is a one-pot wonder that we brought to life in print through a clean and simple design. 

Boil and Bubble Without the Trouble

However long ago Christmas seems now, we’re still loving Diana Henry’s cookbook From the Oven to the Table that we were given as a gift. What’s special about this cookbook is that it celebrates vegetables and grains as much as meat and fish, and every dish can be left to bubble away in the oven on its own – another collection of one-dish goodies that makes cooking just that little bit simpler.


Nothing Short of Delicious

We absolutely loved Alison Roman’s first book Dining In, and her second, Nothing Fancy, doesn’t disappoint! Having friends and family over for dinner has got a whole lot more fun since we got our hands on these 150 recipes that take stress out of the kitchen and has guests coming back for more and more. Not only are there too many great recipes we want to try, we also love the pared-back minimalist book design too.


A Glass of Something Good

Shaun Byrne’s All Day Cocktails: Low (and no) Alcohol Magic is here to make dry January just that little bit less… well, dry. Organised into the different types of fruits, vegetables and herbs, Byrne makes mixing up a delicious drink to finish off a meal (or start off the day) in just the right way. Every recipe has seasonality and sustainability at its heart, making every sip you take taste that little bit better!


The One We Can’t Wait to Read

Sketch by Mourad Mazouz and Pierre Gagnaire takes the opulent and fantastical Sketch venue in Mayfair and captures its eccentric restaurant design in an 85-recipe cookbook that showcases Michelin-star chef Gagnaire’s imaginative menus with stunning photography and design. Sketch takes you from enchanted woodland tearooms, eccentric patisseries and artsy bistros in a wonderfully wild recipe book that we can’t wait to add to our kitchen library.


So, there we have it. Our favourite cookbooks to keep 2020 tasty. If you’re struggling through the last few days of Veganuary or you’re feeling so energised you want to carry on all year round, why not dip in to some of the books we keep in our kitchen? If you have a favourite recipe book we haven’t mentioned here, drop us a line.

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