The Best AI Products For Boosting Productivity and Saving Time

With the integration of Artificial Intelligence with creativity, it has become increasingly pertinent to embrace AI as a creative partner rather than shun it. Using AI to automate your business is a smart way to take care of those time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on other, more critical aspects of your business.

In fact, in a survey conducted by Business Consulting Group in 2019, 30% of companies are actively implementing AI into their innovation programs and believe it to be one of the most significant areas of innovation for their companies within the next three to five years.

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence productivity tools are here to stay, so it might be wise to get ahead of the curve by joining the list of companies that are using AI to enhance their business processes.

Here are five AI programs you can use to boost productivity and streamline your business operations: 


Poised is the perfect tool for those looking to improve their communication skills. This software runs in the background, analysing your meetings, and providing insightful feedback about how to improve your communication skills. Real-time feedback is given on everything from filler words, confidence, energy, and empathy to the words you use most often.


Grammarly should be on your radar as a copywriter. With this AI-powered digital writing assistant, you can write content that is well-structured, free of grammar errors, and free of plagiarism. The benefits of Grammarly extend beyond digital writers. Using this tool, you can maintain uniformity in your brand’s content and improve communication between team members.


A new and improved version of the infamous image and text generation model DALL·E, this AI tool can generate a wide range of images from text. A prompt as nuanced as ‘hamsters riding bicycles in the style of Claude Monet’, for instance, will create not only one, but many options for you to choose from. 

DALL·E 2l can create everything from photorealistic photographs to abstracted, stylised images, as well as coherent text. In place of tediously searching stock image sites, DALL-E 2 has the potential to create placeholder images for designers, dramatically streamlining the process. In contrast to traditional approaches, designers will be able to respond much faster to client needs with this workflow.


There is no better AI productivity tool for blogging SEO than SurferSEO. When SEO professionals receive immediate feedback on their written content, they can make the necessary changes, ensure that their writing is optimised, and save a lot of time. Technical SEO on your content usually takes hours and the results take weeks to appear – SurferSEO simplifies this process dramatically. 

Time Doctor 

Employees can stay focused and productive with this time-tracking tool. It provides detailed reports on your productivity, monitors your work time, and monitors your activity. With this awareness, Time Doctor not only reduces time-wasting, but helps to improve productivity and efficiency at work by streamlining meeting and task scheduling.

Rather than viewing AI as a threat to employment security, we should see it as a tool for improving our lives. As artificial intelligence has the potential to improve productivity, let’s utilise these tools to focus on more meaningful work instead of menial tasks.

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