Introducing Jiating Yang, a creator of joy

Jiating Yang is an artist, designer, animator and illustrator based in Brighton. She creates playful multidisciplinary art that is inspired by everyday life. Using a variety of materials, she creates vibrant fantasy worlds that brighten up the world around us. 

Why did you decide to take up illustration?

I was chosen to be! Guess other creatives are the same, as you could truly feel you are being yourself when you enjoy doing something creatively.


How do you get past creative blocks?

Stop thinking about creating things, go have fun in nature, call your friends out, pet an animal, visit museums or bookshops, hang around in the cities, window shopping at independent shops, people watching (so many things to do when I don’t wanna do work actually).


Wondering in spring by Jiating Yang

What is your creative process?

Mostly I will have a rough idea in my mind ahead or start from my idea notes, then I sketch some drafts and remake a completed version of them digitally. But sometimes you just force yourself to sit in front of a desk with some materials you wanna work with, and it would randomly come up with something (either good or bad, just post good ones so no pressure).


What are you reading or listening to right now?

I am always reading multiple books at the same time on my Kindle and forgot mostly what I was actually reading. But recently, I am quite into 80s synth music.


My favourite project would be my most recent risograph prints, as new work is always better than old one.

Tshirt campaign by Jiating Yang

How do you switch off?

So far being a freelancer is quite hard for me to switch off as my life and work are kind of a mix. Maybe setting yourself an alarm and letting yourself off-screen at a certain time is helpful.


Who inspires you?

I really like Kimmsujin, his work is so simple but full of fun and sarcasm.


A big thank you to Jiating Yang for contributing to our series of creative conversations with industry experts.

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