Inside Out: cultivating customer satisfaction from the heart of your business

The values of a business are projected through its staff. It’s as important to have inspired, motivated staff working for your brand as it is to have a great product or service, and currently there is a lot of attention on how businesses can keep customers happy by keeping their staff happy first.

Research by the CIPD has found that in spring 2017, net job satisfaction saw a significant increase on previous years with 64% of employees across all sectors reporting they were satisfied in their work.


increase on the previous year of employees across all sectors reporting they were satisfied in their work

So how can a business better staff satisfaction and improve customer experience in turn?

You don’t need to give an hour-long speech every morning to pump up your workforce or give them a 300% pay rise. Engaging employees can be as simple as designing internal communication material that consistently reinforces the values behind your brand and unites your employees under one common goal.

Friends and family campaign scheme designed for Bill’s restaurants

Customers are increasingly invested in the motivation behind a company and its reason for being. When brands adopt a social cause that they don’t engage with outside of the marketing department, their good intentions fall on cynical ears. Brand books are an excellent way of stating loud and clear what you, your brand and your employees stand for, keeping your brands purpose for existing at the forefront of every decision, every meeting, and every project. By communicating with staff regularly and creatively through newsletters, workshops, surveys or even by creating material for your company’s centre court, premier league sports team, you can communicate your brand vision and values to the people selling your brand day to day, and in turn keeping everyone engaged, and inspiring motivated brand champions along the way.

VIP cards for Bill’s restaurants

Your staff are the first point of contact for a huge number of customers. Whether it be face-to-face, over the phone or online, belief in your brand will come directly from those all-important personal interactions between customer and employees. As things in motion tend to stay in motion, motivated people motivate others and inspiration comes from the inspired. It’s time to place people over products and cultivate satisfaction and loyalty from the inside out.

If you need help with coming up with new ideas to inspire, motivate and engage with your team, drop us a line.

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