Incredible Team-ups: 5 Brand-Fandom Collaborations That Inspire

When creativity meets commerce, the results can be nothing short of magic. Today, exciting brand partnerships and licensing agreements are all around us, but nailing the perfect agreement - which generates buzz while boosting sales - can be challenging.

Brand licensing is a savvy, resource-effective strategy when it comes to boosting your brand’s reach and relevance. We know the term ‘licensing’ might be a little unfamiliar, so before we dive into five top examples, we thought we’d explain what it means. 

Essentially, brand licensing enables established brands to ‘borrow’ assets from another well-known brand to use on new products. When executed effectively, this collaboration is an excellent strategy for brand owners to expand into untapped markets, bolster revenue, and enhance their visibility.

The key to success lies in finding the right partnership. Companies looking to leverage brand licensing to align their product with a sought-after brand must ensure that the chosen collaboration is, well, on-brand. 

Here, we explore five brands that have simply mastered brand licensing.

1. Stranger Things

One of the most popular TV series of recent years, this 80s-inspired cultural phenomenon has captivated audiences of all ages. It’s no surprise then, that brands of all shapes and sizes have been keen to capitalise on its cultural relevance and immense popularity.

The partnerships between Stranger Things and various companies consistently showcase creativity, fun, and a sense of nostalgia. By teaming up with specific, carefully considered brands, Netflix’s Stranger Things team allows these companies to develop new products that resonate with what fans of the show adore the most.

Just a few examples are:

Lego’s The Upside Down kit: Allowing audiences to physically immerse themselves in the world of Stranger Things, this collaboration is packed full of creativity, recreating the charm brick by brick with a wonderful keepsake as an end result. 

Lacoste’s fashion collab: This partnership merges Lacoste’s classic, sleek style with references to the show, appealing to fashion-conscious audiences seeking retro-themed apparel with a modern twist.

Quicksilver’s fashion collab: This funky collaboration features surf and streetwear that blends Quicksilver’s laidback aesthetic with Stranger Things’ unique style. 

Polaroid’s OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition: This collaboration thrives by combining Polaroid’s vintage instant photography technology with the show’s nostalgic appeal, offering fans a tangible way to capture memories reminiscent of the era the series portrays.

H&M’s fashion collab: Introducing an affordable summer lineup packed with 80s vibes and nods to the series, the collection offers budget-friendly options inspired by the show, giving fans the chance to rock outfits that pay homage to their beloved show’s distinctive style.

2. Greggs x Primark

Who would have imagined a bakery chain delving into licensing agreements? Well, Gregg’s surprising collaboration with retail giant Primark has become quite the sensation. This unexpected partnership gained substantial traction even before its official announcement, and has only grown in popularity since.

The collaboration has led to two successful clothing collections and now, Greggs and Primark have unveiled a new Tasty by Greggs café on the upper level of Primark’s flagship Oxford Street East store in London.

Boasting Instagram-worthy interiors, this unique merger provides a chance for the public to enjoy their favourite food while perusing beloved clothing lines. This collaboration is proving immensely advantageous for both brands, enabling them to explore untapped markets and connect with diverse demographics. By leveraging each other’s strengths, they not only bolster their respective brand identities but successfully heightened customer loyalty and engagement. It’s a win-win. 

3. Shaun the Sheep x Willsow

We absolutely love this ingenious use of Shaun the Sheep’s connection with children and outdoor living. 

Willow licensed the Shaun the Sheep brand to create a plantable book. Printed on paper made from wildflower seeds, once readers have finished the book, they can plant the covers to grow their own wildflower garden.

Combining entertainment and education, this initiative not only showcases the versatility of Shaun the Sheep’s brand but also encourages an eco-conscious mindset among its audience. It’s an innovative way to engage children in both storytelling and environmental stewardship – Big kudos to Shaun the Sheep and Willsow for this inspired collaboration!

4. Uniqlo

Uniqlo consistently makes smart licensing choices with the brands they choose to partner with, and their collaborations are always thrilling, engaging and, most importantly, on-brand. There have been a lot of brilliant collaborations, but a few of our personal favourites have been: 

Uniqlo x KAWS x Sesame Street: This is nostalgia and creativity at its best. Drawing inspiration from beloved Sesame Street, this collaboration beautifully melds iconic characters like Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, and Elmo with KAWS’ distinctive street style. The result? A delightful collection of tees featuring KAWS’ BFF Companion alongside our cherished furry friends. It’s a testament to the seamless fusion of pop-culture and artistry that resonates with both adults and children. A real winner.

Uniqlo x Japanese Ramen: Partnering with some of Japan’s revered ramen establishments like Afuri, Ippudo, and Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, this collection brilliantly showcases graphic depictions of steaming bowls of ramen alongside the restaurants’ logos. It’s a tasteful homage to Japan’s culinary heritage, merging comfort food aesthetics with wearable art.

Uniqlo x Keith Haring: This one is a favourite. In 2007, Uniqlo collaborated with the iconic ’80s pop artist, Keith Haring. This visionary move brought Haring’s vibrant and socially critical art to a broader audience through a range of T-shirts. Notably, Uniqlo’s foresight in this collaboration set a precedent. Over the following years, multiple renowned brands, including BAPE, Beams, and COMME des GARÇONS, have featured Haring’s work in their own products. Uniqlo’s early recognition of Haring’s popularity underscores the brand’s foresight in embracing artistic fandom well before its competitors. Savvy, stimulating and leading stuff – a collaboration for the history books.

5. Sesame Street x Vans

We love anything that appeals to our inner child’s creativity, so this Sesame Street collaboration is right up our alley. Sesame Street’s collaboration with Vans is up there with our favourites of all time. Just take a look at the brightly coloured shoes, and you’ll understand why.

Brimming with creativity, this collection brings a fresh range of colours and patterns to the footwear brand’s beloved lineup. Timeless favourites like the SK8-Hi and Authentic now feature Sesame Street favourites including Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Ernie, and more in various designs.

What’s even more exciting is that fans can now adorn their preferred shoe style, whether it’s the Slip-On or the cherished Old Skool, with three new Sesame Street-inspired prints. A masterclass in creative fusion. 


These strategic collaborations are about more than business. They’re playful. They’re imaginative. They’re inspiring. They’re fun, and above all, they cultivate and energise brand communities.

If you’re eager to tap into the potential of brand licensing to explore fresh opportunities, markets, or audiences, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.


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