From the Roots Up: why brand immersion inspires better branding

We’re all about working for people and creating brands we believe in. In order to truly understand a big branding project, we think getting to the heart of a company and learning what makes them tick gets work off to the best start.

You wouldn’t cook without a recipe or set off on a road trip without a map, so why start a branding project without first gathering insightful research in the best way you can?


Real life and real results

To get that rock solid foundation underneath any branding project, brand immersion is a highly beneficial first step in the discovery stage.

Brand immersion gets you to really jump into another company’s shoes and experience their brand. It’s more than just reading through company guidelines or having a briefing meeting. It’s getting our team together and having real world experiences to gain real world results.

However, launching into this hands-on approach and immersing ourselves in another company’s world to craft a well-researched, well-founded brand doesn’t yield the tangible results bosses or stakeholders always want, or not exactly. But, what brand immersion does give you, is the opportunity for us to build strong relationships with our clients and inspire creativity on both sides of the partnership.

By bonding over a shared experience with our clients, we’re both better able to understand where the other is coming from, what your client needs, and what stories should be told through their branding. It’s a stimulating and unique level of understanding that will have come from real experiences, rather than business statistics and manifestos. This all makes your project stronger in the long run, with more relevant brand identities that express a company’s purpose, goals, and beliefs more accurately portrayed.


Brand immersion provides stronger and more relevant brand identities that express a company’s purpose, goals, and beliefs.

Getting out and getting creative

We want to create strong brands that last a lifetime. To achieve this, we really dig down into a brand’s story, from its history, your expertise, aspirations, and even any successes or failures that have shaped your brand’s path.

So, when rebranding a yoga company, we’ve rolled out the mats and taken their classes. We’ve enjoyed eating and experiencing the environment as a team at the restaurants we’ve worked with. We’ve got away from our desks and doing online research to visit multiple sites, stores and competitors for the brands we’ve worked with. We’ve even been secret shoppers and got the inside scoop by interviewing both customers and staff. And it’s not only us who get to have all the fun; we’ve run workshops for stakeholders to get involved with too.

There’s no telling what direction brand immersion can take you in, and experiencing a brand will be different every time. What doesn’t change is the positive effect it has on the quality and success of a branding project and its long-term results.


Unique journeys lead to better branding

Brand immersion means working as a team with our clients, building stronger foundations for better results. It’s a strategy that can take both you and your company on some great journeys and keep the creativity flowing by jumping into new experiences. Most importantly, though, by taking time to learn about your brand by living and breathing it, you can enjoy a brand that has been tailor made to communicate your ethos and aspirations perfectly.

If you are looking to start a strategy or branding project please get in touch.

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