Creating on-brand content for social media

Businesses large and small benefit from having on-brand content on all of their social media channels. Consistency in brand purpose, messaging, and look and feel all help to build trust and rapport with followers, ensuring your brand is memorable and recognisable.

The content you post on social media shapes the type of brand you are. It should reflect your key messaging. You don’t need a presence on every platform, but deciding on where you put your efforts should align with your overall brand strategy.

For example, a B2B brand like a software company should be tapping into the power of LinkedIn, as it’s full of business owners and potential new clients. However, a B2C brand like a coffee company will be looking to strike up conversations with their customers and be relatable, so platforms like Instagram and Twitter and Facebook are great ways to connect with their customers directly and form a real relationship.


times faster visual content is processed than text by our brain

Social media helps customers feel closer to your brand. It acts as a window into your world. It’s about sharing and building relationships and not just selling. So, as our brains process visual content 60,000 times faster than text, why not invest in making sure your content is impactful and engaging while also on-brand?

We help lots of brands communicate with their audience on social media, whether that is by managing their social channels for them, creating engaging campaigns or giving them the tools to create on-brand content themselves.

Here’s a few ways in which we can help you.


Social media content workshops and plans

It’s integral that you share the right content on the right platform to ensure it’s relevant and engages with your target audience. As a result, we run workshops with your team to brainstorm for content ideas and campaigns and even create bespoke content plans for your brand if you need them, ensuring that all future content is on-brand and in-line with the overall brand strategy.

A range of social media posts of Equine Fitters Council

Providing template designs for posts

We design engaging and flexible templates for social media posts that allow brands with in-house capacity to edit the posts and create on-going content.

A range of templates designed for Joe’s Tea Co. covering announcements, lifestyle and product posts

Defining your Tone of Voice

Social channels are all about building relationships, so having a clear tone of voice can help set you apart from your competitors. We help brands to be clear about how they talk and act on social media by producing tone of voice guidelines that outline their brand personality and show teams how to speak with one voice.

MGX Digital’s range of social media posts

Social channel banners and logos

We create social media banners that tell your brand’s story and reflect your values and personality as a company.

Running a campaign? Get more of an impact and increase awareness by looking at updating your social banners to reflect the campaign look and feel and reinforce what you are striving for as a brand.

Lifetime Achievement Award campaign for BookTrust, the children’s charity

Social media campaigns

We design engaging social media campaigns that evoke conversation and speak in a relatable way, from designing seasonal and promotional campaigns right through to brand awareness and sustainability campaigns.

Beat the Blues social media January giveaway campaign for Bill’s restaurants

A range of Jigsaw’s social media posts

Animations to bring visuals to life

Animation is a great way to bring a brand to life and grab your followers’ attention, whether it’s with animations for a campaign or simply to communicate your story.

Kwalee’s range of social media posts

Need help bringing your brand to life on social media?

If you need help with social media strategy or creating content, get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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