Someone put the kettle on!

It’s always great to see our labels for Joe's Tea Co. in the flesh, especially when they come packed with fresh and delicious teas and the promise of putting up your feet.

We’ve been working with Joe’s Tea Co. for over four years. We’ve helped them with their brand strategy and to redefine their values as a brand. We’ve also helped to bring their printed and digital communications in alignment with their brand proposition, so every element of the Joe’s Tea Co. brand works as a coherently.

Printed collateral and packaging design for Joe’s Tea co.

Joe’s Tea Co. began in 2012, bringing an ethical tea brand with unique blends into British teapots. Since then, Joe’s Tea Co. has been awarded over 30 Great Taste Awards and their products are being stocked across the UK. All of their great products begin life in the Sri Lankan plantations that organically produce Ceylon tea leaves. Now becoming a rarity, support for these plantations is invaluable, and Joe’s Tea Co. pride themselves on the superior flavours they’re able to achieve with their 100% organic loose tea leaves that are grown in a way that works with and supports nature.

Working closely with their small, organic farmers, Joe’s Tea Co. are able to create teas that please everyone, from the growers to the drinkers, and we’re looking forward to continuing work with their brand in the future.

Packaging for trade tea and tea label designs

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