When's the right time to rebrand?

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture


You’ve been through some big changes
This may be a change of leadership or strategy, or you’ve gone through mergers or acquisition, and now, your business doesn’t have the same vision and values as before. 

From day one, the main question that should drive your business is ‘why?’ If you can say proudly why your business exists, people will know why they should buy into your product or service. Is the motivation behind your business clear? Once you know the answer yourself, look at your name and your branding. Do they communicate your ‘why’ and, if your focus has recently changed, does your branding signal this new direction loud and clear?

Laws of attraction
When you first developed your initial branding it was bold and new, but now you find yourself making excuses for why it all looks a bit out of date. If your branding does start to collect dust, you risk your audience believing you’re falling behind in innovation too. An update on the visual look of your business can set you right and ensure your brand is saying the right things about your business for years to come.


Rebranding Slurp, an online and retail wine merchants

One scoop or two?
A picture may speak 1000 words, but what if your branding isn’t speaking to the right people? Brands must always stay ahead of the game. Stay still for too long and your once fresh branding will start to look a little vanilla in comparison to the new businesses on the block. Perhaps your target audience over time has changed and your brand needs to adapt to accommodate their needs.

 Maybe you’ve added a new service or launched a new product and your proposition is no longer relevant.

 The bottom line is, you feel your branding no longer reflects your business’ values and it’s not aligned with your vision and aspirations.

Infinity and beyond
You’ve expanded your reach to new markets, whether that’s on an international or a global scale. Hooray! But, as a result, your business’ name and visual look may no longer be appropriate, losing you the impact and crucial engagement you once had in your market.

Next steps
So, if any of the above applies to you, whether your business has completely changed or is just in need of a lift, get in touch for a chat about how we can help launch it in a new direction. Over the years we’ve worked on lots of rebrands and branding projects and are always looking to take on new challenges with businesses big or small. Get in touch to find out more.


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