Consistently Communicating Brand Purpose

You’ve developed a great product or service, pinned down exactly what your company stands for and have a great identity to get those values across. But, it’s all hidden away on your website’s ‘about us’ page.

With your loyal followers and potential new customers and clients just a few clicks away on phones, tablets, and even out on the street, it’s vital that they’re all getting the same experience of your company, whether that’s making your first impression or providing the great service your regular customers have come to expect and enjoy. 

Why over what
The motivation behind your business is arguably more important than what your business provides, which is why we’re talking about why before we talk about what.

Take Innocent from the shelf. Many of us have. They’re a company striving to make healthy living fun, easy and accessible, and they’re passionate about doing their bit for the environment too. The fact that they do this by making smoothies is incidental. Whether you’re picking up a fruity drink, a yoghurt or a veg pot, Innocent’s approachable and down to earth brand is always part of the deal. You always know why that product is on the shelf. In return, you know why you want to buy it.

You can make a great impression in person, but if people follow up online and find a dial-up era graveyard with outdated visuals and no evidence of the experience they enjoyed in your bricks and mortar site, customers are likely to disconnect completely.

Get emotional
Brands work best when they connect emotionally to their customers. While writing a heartfelt manifesto might be great for your next TED talk, your company and your brand need to communicate your beliefs and make those emotional connections visually and verbally.

Creatively and consistently saying why you make smoothies or why you help companies design their brands like we do, will attract the people who not only need your services, but share the beliefs that are driving you to provide these products or services in the first place. And that needs to be done not only through your logo and your choices in colour, but through every element of your online and offline presence.

So don’t hide your company’s motivation away. Clearly and consistently communicating your brand purpose across platforms not only solidifies your spot in your market, but it also says to your customers that you know what you do and why you do it, wherever you do it.

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