Bill’s Restaurants

Delivering an identity for a new takeaway service

Bill’s has over 70 restaurants across the UK serving delicious, seasonal food from breakfast to bedtime. They teamed up with Deliveroo to launch their new takeaway service, allowing customers to enjoy their favourite Bill’s dishes from the comfort of their own home. 

We were tasked with creating the identity and packaging for this new service for Bill’s.

Bills Logo
Studio Noel Bills Restaurants Takeaway 01
Studio Noel Bills Restaurants Takeaway 05

The identity needed to highlight the takeaway service while maintaining Bill’s heritage and passion for food and seasonal ingredients. We created a logo lockup which pushed the service to the forefront. Hand-crafted typography, a bold colour palette printed on kraft paper and details inspired by Victorian illustration came together to create an impactful identity. 

The design went across items such as their fries bag, burger box, soup container, paper bag, swing tags, menus, e-newsletters and promotional cards.

Photography: Irene Yap

Creativepool Annual 2017 Shortlisted – Bill's Restaurants, takeaway packaging

Studio Noel Bills Restaurants Takeaway 02
Studio Noel Bills Restaurants Takeaway 07